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Script to remove LogMeIn

I wrote this script a few years ago and thought it might be useful to others.  I have to believe the difficulty in removing LogMeIn is intentional as there are few programs that randomize their installation GUID.  Anyway, this program may or may not still work depending on what the developers change with regard to uninstalling LogMeIn in the future.

This script searches the registry for the uninstall string to uninstall the application.  Deployment of this is up to you (Active Directory, SCCM, or some other means).

It logs to a file, RemoveLogMeIn.Log, and places it in the root of the computers system / OS drive.  You can modify the script to place that log elsewhere.  It should work on XP and up 32/64 bit.

Please email me letting me know if this works for you, sometimes I don’t know if what I post helps anyone!


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