IQ Spiral is a company founded by Brian Williams.  The idea behind the IQ and the Spiral is something akin to Intelligent Design mixed with Elegance.  That complicated in the micro, should be abstracted to simple in the macro.  I think of how nature works and the complexities of wave mechanics or the design of flowers and sea shells.  Deep down, it’s all math and complicated, but that which meets our eyes is beautiful.

Another way of thinking of it, is an investment of time and effort packed into a solution that delivers an amazing result.  I think of code as like a loaded spring.  It’s hard to put that energy in to the system, but once it’s there it releases all at once with all your effort and force upon the object for the result intended.

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Taylor Craig


Tried to purchase application from Australia, however payment wont go through due to your form having no item in the “Billing State/Province” field suitable for Australia

Please advise

Taylor Craig

Hi Brian,
Just wondering when I might receive the licence file.
Keen to get the application installed