For questions and comments regarding the software, you can post a comment in the ‘comments’ section below.

If your issue requires more indepth support, please consider TeamViewer.  This is an awesome utility that allows IQ Spiral to remote control your computer (temporarily).  No need to purchase anything on your part, as IQ Spiral has licensed this software.  We’ve got you covered.  Download: TeamViewer

Other recommended tools for Web-based support is Skype.  Skype is a great way to chat for quick questions as well as for voice and video calls. Website: Skype

Finally, if you’d like to make a call:  Mobile: 210-643-3500

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Robert Ferkel

I have downloaded, licensed and installed on my replica server. The service in running and polling data (i can view the log).

a test email message arrives successfully.

Not sure if it sends an email every 15 minutes or just when a condition changes.

I paused replication for an hour and did not receive an email – I have never received an email beyond the test.

Am I misunderstanding the purpose of this utility?


Do you have a trial version of your software?


Does this software work as explained with Extended Replication as well? I have a Host server which replicates to a Secondary on-site server. The secondary server which receives the primary host’s replications has extended replication enabled to send it’s copy of the replications to a third off-site server. I want to make sure I can receive notification the same on all three servers.


Thank you for your help. I finally got around to purchasing and setting it up on one of my servers and it has been working well so far. I do have one question… From what I have gathered the polling frequency happens every 15 minutes and if the status of the replication has changed it sends an alert. There is also the status alert configurable for daily or weekly emails that I receive at the time I specified. I would like to receive only 1 email per day at the specified customizable alert time. I found I cannot change the… Read more »


Hey Brian,

Thanks for the quick response always!

I noticed I am running into an issue with the alert email. Regardless of how many email addresses I list for the Email alert, only the last email address listed is receiving an alert email.

I listed the email addresses according to the user guide by simply adding spaces between them i.e.
In this configuration only receives the email.
If I rearrange the order, still only the last listed email address receives the alert.

Any ideas on this one?


Hey Brian, I understand how things can be crazy at times! I was able to figure out the comma solution by guessing and testing. Thanks for the confirmation and updating the guide! As for the previous issue I created a task in Task Scheduler to restart the HVRM service at 11pm. Polling is set to 12 hours so 11pm when the service is restarted and 11am is the next poll. This is nice because I will get a notification during the day if the replication service didn’t recover from the backups the night before but only on failures. If all… Read more »


Should I license all primary and replica servers? Or only license for primary servers is enough?

Tim Rookes

Just purchased this. I have configured it to send me a status alert at 9am each morning, but it doesnt seem to send anything. Test email works fine and also I have noticed the logs only appear if I restart the service. I have tried setting primary and all.
Any suggestions?


Nitin Aggarwal

Hello, does this support Hyper V 2016 and 2019? Thanks.

Karl Smith


I have 2 X 5 node clusters

1 in our Main server Room
1 in our Disaster Recovery Server Room

As I have set replication on all VM’s in our MCR hosts does this mean i only need to purchase 5 licenses to replicate from MCR > DR as we are only concerned about replicating one way ?

Or do I just need to purchase 2 licenses . One each for my Replica servers . 1 on MCR & 1 in DR



Refer To: C00654269
Hello Sales,

We are Qbs Software Ltd a software distributor/reseller. A customer requires a quote for:

Licences – 5

Could you provide us with a quotation?

Kind Regards


Hi Brian Thank you for your reply, however as we haven’t purchased from you before, could you please advise us on below? In order to set your company up as vendor in our system, could you please advise on the following: • May we purchase on behalf of the end user? • Is there a reseller discount? • Payment Method (e.g.: Paypal, credit card, bank transfer)? • What are your payment terms? (e.g.: Net60, Net 90)? If is Online: • How do I register the product to the client? • Would it be possible to email you their details after… Read more »

Brad Nixon

The service does not stay running and will not notify –Loaded on server 2019


Hallo Brian,

We are considering purchasing this software for our replica servers. Is it possible to monitor multiple replica servers with this package?
Is there also a possibility to request a trial so that we can try the software before purchasing a license?



I have imported the license file. Company Name is showing ok but server name ,license key or valid signature is set to No.

Please help



I have done that but still it wont license correctly. Please can you connect via teamviewer as we urgently need to resolve this issue.

Brian Williams

Yes please call me via Skype, my Skype name is: brian.williams28
My microsoft account is
My phone number is +1 210-643-3500…


Hi Brian,
We have two licenses in use. I noticed that we are not getting daily notifications any more, and the service is stopping. When I manually start the service and send test email, it arrives, but with all variables and not showing the actual data.
We upgraded from 2016 to 2019. I am not sure whether the upgrade and the issue happened at the same time.
Anything to check?


Thanks for the response. We are on the current version, and you are right, I now remember that the test email always did that.

How do you want me to send you the logs?

I was snooping around in the logs and see this error repeating since the last successful notification on 12/28:
System.Exception: Exception of type ‘System.Exception’ was thrown.
at IQSHVReplMonService1.GetReplicationInfo.Update(String replMode) in C:\Projects\IQS_HVReplMonService\IQS_HVReplMonService\Service\ReplicationInfo\GetReplicationInfo.cs:line 104
at IQSHVReplMonService1.Service1.QueryReplicationInformation() in C:\Projects\IQS_HVReplMonService\IQS_HVReplMonService\Service\Service1.cs:line 834


Tim Bache

Hi, ive just bought a licence and installed on my 2019 Hyper V Core server but the service wont start. Any ideas? thanks

Tim Bache

Thanks for the quick response. Thats helped. Its a licencing issue becuase i completely forgot to licence the software. However i dont seem to be able to browse to the licence file under Server Core its just closes the windows. Is there another way? thanks

Tim Bache

Bingo all sorted, thanks for the help and great little product

Andrew Hancock

I have retired an old replica server. Can I transfer the license to its replacement or does a new license need to be purchased?

Andrew Hancock

Thank you for the quick response!

Andrew Hancock

This program has ran bullet proof for me for over a year now. I love it. Do you have any similar software or service that reports on the built in Windows Server Backup? I’d be a customer. Thank you!

Roberto Conti

I’ve just installed and licensed on my 2 servers. My problem is with sending emails: every test ends up in a timeout error, like this:

30/12/2020 18:37:40 General status alert email…
30/12/2020 18:39:20 Error Sending Email, System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: The operation has timed out.
  at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message)
  at IQSHVReplMonService1.Mail.SendMail(String body, String subject, Boolean html) in C:\Projects\IQS_HVReplMonService\IQS_HVReplMonService\Service\Helpers\Mail.cs:line 68
30/12/2020 18:39:20 Next System Check: 30/12/2020 18:54:20

I’ve tried several configurations and email addresses, and I succeeded only once, with my private Gmail address, configuring Gmail account to allow less secure apps.
Can you help please?
Thanks, BR

Roberto Conti

I’m working on it, but it seems that the problem is the access to
Trying to ping it I resolve the name, I’m sure about credentials, but I still obtain only a timeout error. I’m creating a new account on google, with gmail it should work. I’ll let you know asap. Thanks a lot! Roberto

Roberto Conti

Sending mail works fine with Gmail. Issue resolved. Just another minor issue: sending test mail, I receive 2 emails.
The correct one is:
and the status of the VMs

The other one is:
SERVERONE: ^OverAllHlthState^ 
and the body is:
^VMName^ ^ReplState^ ^ReplHlth^ ^PendReplSzMB^ ^AvgReplSzMB^ ^ReplMode^ ^VMId^ 

Thanks again for the support.
BR, Roberto


Each day at 3am, we receive the following warning email. This is happening because some SQL maintenance tasks are occuring on the VM and for some reason this is being picked up us a major 67GB (on average) change to some data on that VM. The replication is happening over WAN: Last successful replication for virtual machine ‘ABC’ has been delayed. Delay has exceeded the defined warning limit. Replication might be encountering problems. PendReplSzMB = 67,024.49 LastReplTime = 03:01:31 ReplErrors = 0 We know that the actual size of the pending replication is much smaller (perhaps the SQL tasks are… Read more »


Thanks Brian. I’ll give it a go soon and let you know how we get on.


Seems to be working with the scheduled stop/start of the service. Thanks Brian!

James Boyd

Good Morning Brian, when sending a test email it shows up as this:

^VMName^ ^ReplState^ ^ReplHlth^ ^PendReplSzMB^ ^AvgReplSzMB^ ^ReplMode^ ^VMId^ 

Is this normal for a test email, and would it append/read and display the Hyper-V virtual machine’s when the daily trigger email?


Hi, I’ve been using HVRM for a few years and recently it has stopped sending emails. When I attempt to send the test email it crashes (“IQSHVReplMonConsole has stopped working”, Windows server 2016). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program with no luck. Please help, thanks


Hi Brian, thanks for the amazingly quick reply. I’m in Australia so that would mean 3am for me which isn’t my first preference! Do you have anything else available please? Thanks mate


Any time from 4pm to 9pm CST works for me. Thanks!


Hi Brian, thanks heaps for your fast and professional help. Problem is now resolved and I am a very happy camper!

Bryan Atkinson

I have been looking at this product and not sure I have found an answer to a question I have. If I purchased 2 licenses could I install the product on Machine A (Not a Hyper-V Host) to monitor all the VMs running on Machine B and Machine C which are Hyper-V Hosts?

Bryan Atkinson

Thank you for the fast response. Unfortunately my host operating systems are Hyper – V Server 2019 and not Windows Server so I do not believe this will work.

Bryan Atkinson

Thank you. I fell pretty confident that it will also work on Windows Core after looking at the documentation you sent as I have done command line installs previously. I will reach out if I have any issues during the install or setup. Thank you again for the very quick replies and information you provided.

Bryan Atkinson

I am sorry but had one more question. If Host A is my primary replicating to Host B but I have backup machines running on Host B replicating back to Host A is there a specific way I should configure the interface or will I be able to monitor the B to A replication?

David Turk

Hi Brian, I’ve run into a situation several times where hyper V stop replicating altogether and from the best that I can tell after the initial notification was sent no more notifications are sent by your application. Seems to be an undesired effect as I would want to continually notified that replication is not working. Let me know if you run into this situation before or have any thoughts on it. Thank you


Is there any discount for 6 licences ?

Roberto Conti

Hi, the mail sending does not work anymore. I’m using a google account, and I get the error “The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated.
Here is a log. Thanks for your support.

Roberto Conti

Hi Brian,
Sorry for my late reply. Trying to reply to our thread, but I just see a blank page on my browser, so I’m sending a new message. I tried to set up a new (paid) email account, but now I get a “timeout” error. Maybe this is my side fault? Thanks a lot for your support.

Roberto Conti

Hi Brian,
I’ve tried with, same timeout error. I will try with some other email account/provider and let you know. Thanks


Good Morning Brian,
Sorry, but after a few months, I’m back on my emails sending issue (my gmail account doesn’t work anymore, neither Aruba account. Can you please tell me a provider you know works fine with this? I’ll buy an email account. Thanks, BR

roberto conti

Good Morning Brian,
I can’t reply to your message (when I try I obtain a blank page), but I tell you that I subscribed an account at Sendgrid and eveything works fine! Thanks a lot for your support. BR Roberto Conti

Ellen Draper

Hi, we would like to add another server to our account. Please could you let me know the correct method to upgrade our existing license to get the additional Hyper-V host added.

Many thanks!

Ellen Draper

Hi Brian, we’re having an issue with our newly added server (our other server is fine in terms of sending email alerts). The e-mails we receive from the new server don’t show any of the replication information, but the columns are showing OK in the status reports (it’s just blank beneath the column headings; see attached image). Here is the log from that server: 12/01/2024 11:35:12 Querying replication information 12/01/2024 11:35:17 Cycle through the replication information, count: 0 12/01/2024 11:35:17 Overall Health State: Normal 12/01/2024 11:35:17 VMName | ReplState | ReplHlth | PendReplSzMB | AvgReplLatency | LastReplTime | ReplHlthDetails |… Read more »

Ellen Draper

Hi Brian, please see our previous post looking for support. Many thanks!

Computerhaus EDV-HandelsgmbH.

We purchased HV Replication Monitor yesterday. How do we get in invoice?

Ellen Draper

Hi Brian, not heard back yet regarding our issue requiring support (see last couple of posts). Even re-configuring replication from scratch hasn’t resolved the issue.

Do you have a support e-mail address we can reach you on instead?

Kind regards.